SCI FI High Animation

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Jacor is part of a clan of genetically nanite enhanced ninjas. He has blinding speed and agility, but he is still a lower ranking Genin, so he still has a lot of "kinks" to work out in some of his techniques. If you were to ask him though, you might hear otherwise.


Quka is from a parallel dimension where Neanderthals became the dominant hominid species. Proud and arrogant, he thinks himself superior to all other species and will gladly flex his psychic power to show it.


Siro's family are a crew of galaxy fairing Space Pirates hiding out on Earth. Siro would steal from his mother(and has). He is quick to see personal opportunity in any situation and even faster to actually take it.


Stewie is an alien immigrant from the planet Canjai. He tries very hard to fit into Earth culture but still most times ends up coming off as..."awkward". Stewie is EXTREMELY nice and naive, a fact he needs to learn to hide from his friends better.







Mr.Flipawitz is a chemical formula genius.  He actually created the formula that gives him his "Jekyll/Hyde" disposition.  Although no one can quite figure out which way the potion ACTUALLY effects him.


 0SECE (Zero Sectional Enforcer) serves as the building security and disciplinary Vice-Principal.  It is an single advanced tracking A.I. that is directly linked to the school's computer database dispersed thru three android bodies(and the students are still able to cut class)